Brand Name Research

Brand Name Research

A brand’s name, its slogan, and advertising text greatly affect the success of your marketing campaign. What works well on your native market might be doomed to failure in overseas countries. It is because a message that seems engaging in your language might be totally inappropriate in a foreign tongue. If you don’t want the triumph of your products to be lost in translation, you have to put your marketing messages through a rigorous brand name check.

Even well-established businesses, with all their recourses, face the issues of awkward branding for foreign markets. Many infamous Brands failed to stir interest to their products simply because of poor localisation. Don’t repeat their mistakes. Let native speakers assess how well your brand and marketing messages sound for the local audience.

The most common mistakes businesses make is translation without considering the specificity of the target language. Some brand names might sound funny or inappropriate for foreigners or have a totally different meaning than that you want to convey. Even two seemingly innocent words put together might create a new significance. The last thing you want is that your brand causes laugh or outrage. Therefore, brand name research is a must to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Here, at Translation Valley, we take pride in our extensive network of translators and linguists from all over the world. They are capable of scrutinizing your marketing campaign, detecting possible errors, and suggesting more euphonious solutions. Thanks to their expertise and extensive knowledge in various walks of life, your messages will hit the mark!

We have helped dozens of brands conquer new markets and hit it off with the local audience. You, too, can tremendously increase the popularity of your products with our brand name research services.

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