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Kind Attn: Business Development Manager/Project Manager/Vendor Manager

Looking for new opportunities to generate extra income? Translation Valley, the leading translation agency in India, is ready to provide a unique chance to earn in a convenient and profitable manner. If you are a motivated, responsible, and organized person, we invite you to join us as our Partner.

We are seeking potential partners to help us expand our client base and open up new business opportunities. Every day, thousands of people need to convert one language into another whether it be a website or text translation, software legalization, transcription, or voiceover. Your task is to establish a link between them and Translation Valley.

We believe that your role is a creative one that does not tolerate restrictions, supervision, or pressure. Instead, we provide the freedom to run things as you see fit, and when you see fit. You can choose any promising and effective channels to attract new businesses. At the same time, we trust you to take the necessary actions to turn prospects into clients.

Collaboration with Translation Valley isn’t a routine nine to five job. It’s not even an office job. As our partner, you can perform your functions from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. You are able to work as many hours a day as you want. We do not set any hard-to-reach goals at all and do not require them to be completed at the end of the month. Instead, we propose to build our relationship on a profit-sharing basis providing mutually beneficial terms. How much, when, and how you can earn depends entirely on your efforts.

When other businesses offer a job, they mean:

  • – complete commitment to your job;
  • – fixed working hours;
  • – compliance with internal policies and company requirements;
  • – monthly reports on your progress regarding the set goals;
  • – pressure coming from top management;
  • – constantly increasing workload with salary remaining the same.

As a Translation Valley partner, you are able to take advantage of a new business-partner model:

  • you can work flexible hours;
  • – you are free to choose any channels of lead generation;
  • – you don’t have to visit an office;
  • – your earnings depend only on you;
  • – we use a fair and transparent profit-sharing model;
  • – you are not an employee, you are our business partner.

Last but not least, you can work at any time convenient for you and above all, you don’t have to quit your job. With the flexibility we provide, it is possible to combine your current position and partnership with Translation Valley.

Excellent job opportunities are hard to come by, especially in these turbulent times. Working smart and on your terms is an opportunity you wouldn’t like to miss. Become part of a fast-growing international and prosperous business with Translation Valley.

I appreciate your keen interest to explore this opportunity of potential collaboration. In order to proceed further, you are kindly requested to fill in the below details-

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