Have you ever seen G7 and G20 summits or UN meetings? It is impossible to know every language out there; even world leaders might not know English let alone less popular languages. Therefore, they rely on interpreters, which gather the meaning of oral speech and recreate it in a different language right away. This live action is what our interpretation services are all about.

Not only politicians but a wide range of people can benefit from interpretation. Whether you have a business meeting with Middle Eastern partners, doctor’s consultation with colleagues from abroad, or you are an artist on a world tour, an interpretation will always come in handy. Our professionals cover virtually every existing language and are available in person, over the phone, or via online means of communication.

We tickle all the boxes when it comes to interpreting services including:

    • – consecutive interpreting – an interpreter listens to the original speech and while the speaker makes a pause between sentences, provides real-time translation to the target language;
    • – simultaneous interpreting – you may find this type at major conferences, TV broadcasts, courtrooms, etc. An interpreter reproduces the said in the target language while continuing listening to the speech and instantly processing it. A speaker and interpreter appear to talk at the same time;
    • – interpreting by the phone – when an interpreter can’t be present in person, the service can be provided over the phone, Skype, Face Time, etc.
    • – Ad hoc interpreting – an interpreter provides a brief overview of what has been said.

Whatever type of interpretation, original and target language, and form of presence you are looking for, Translation Valley has got you covered. We have access to the best people in the industry with unsurpassed linguistic and technical skills, knowledge in a wide range of topics, as well as certificates confirming their training. We will arrange a person according to your specifications and particular requirements and will work closely with you to guarantee our services meet your needs completely.

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