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Video Production

Software localisation is more than translation into another language. It is a process of adapting it to the needs of an international clientele. Every client wants that your product considers his or her culture, speaks the same language, and is a breeze to use. If you take all these factors into account, you will win customers’ hearts in no time.

One might think that nothing could be easier than to translate software. Just write interface elements (menus, dialogs, messages, program files, etc) in a different language and you are good to go. However, software localisation is a multi-stage process that involves not only translators but also designers, programmers, and testers. This complex set of works cannot be carried out without customer involvement. Therefore, Translation Valley is constantly in contact with you, the client, to ensure the final product fully meets your expectations.

As international markets become more competitive, the importance of adapting software, documentation, FAQs, tutorials, and help documentation for various markets increases day by day. An interface that establishes effective communication with the user is the key to your success. Our team of professionals translate their skills and expertise into a customizable digital product desirable and attractive for people from every corner of the world.

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