Voiceover is not an option to make your video understandable for international users? Not a problem! Thanks to subtitling services courtesy of Translation Valley, you can complete your videos with accompanying text repeating the native tongue or translated into a chosen foreign language.

Subtitles are more than spoken text put into written form. They are the content enhancing the video, accurately expressing the action, and popping up in the right moment. Unprofessionally incorporated subtitles can make your video confusing or even completely useless. This will never happen if you turn to experts from Translation Valley.

Our agency boasts a massive staff of talented translators, linguistic professionals, and native speakers pulling off even the most challenging tasks. Subtitling, although it seems pretty easy, is, in fact, a responsible multi-stage work. It involves transcribing speech from the video and, if needed, translation to the specified language. Next, we will break the text into short segments, time-code them, and put everything together in the STR format. Lastly, we will help embed the created subtitles into the video.

With subtitling services from Translation Valley, you’ll tell your audience the right story no matter what language it speaks. We guarantee exceptional accuracy both in translation and time coding, fast turnaround, and affordable pricing.

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