Do you need an interview, audio file, video content, or footage transcribed? Entrust this job to professionals. Transcription services by Translation Valley are a fast, accurate, and budget-friendly way to turn a speech into written text.

We accept video and audio files in all available formats including streaming videos, MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, Flash Video, DVD, etc. After receiving a file from you, our skilful transcribers will listen to the record carefully, catch every detail of what was said thus decoding the speech, and put it in the written format. We provide decoding of the source language and/or target language in a swift and accurate manner. The fidelity of our texts is 99% and higher, which exceeds the industry standards!

Our benefit over most translation agencies is that we work with native speakers and linguistic pros having a great command of English, all Indian dialects, Asian languages, Arabic, and many others. Thanks to their communicative competence, they are able to understand and decode even the toughest topics whether they are business, medicine, computer, or technology related. Our transcription services are a convenient and economical solution to put speech into words and render them for a multilingual audience. Whether you are a journalist, marketing firm or publishing business, you can rely on Translation Valley to do the entire grunt work for you.

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